The „Sasfészek (Eagle Nest) Craft Yard” is located in the village of Sânmarting along the road towards Valea Uzului, in a beautiful countryside landscape, in a village where the village is not only an agricultural settlement, but also a sincere community of people living there, where the locals know and respect each other.

How our story started could be simply explained with a line from a song from our famous band: „I dreamed a world for myself and now I stand here at its gates.”

It always filled me with joy when older people told us the story of how there was once a wheel-making workshop on the land we inherited from Sas (eagle) Ágoston, where Uncle August Ágoston was working as a wheel-maker after returning from the war, and in his little workshop, around the oven, people would often gather talking about their problems, giving advice, helping each other, and the women were embroidering, sewing, spinning. It functioned as a community space, and because community building was very important to us, we felt it would be worthy to use our heritage to preserve something from it, and not only preserve it, but to also pass it on to the growing generation. In order to strengthen national awareness, we must collect our values, protect and nurture them, and by making them available to children in a craft yard, we are surely on the right path.

We attempted to do so when we chose our name as well, it serves the continuance of „Sas” (eagle) as a family name, since they did not have children, that’s how their name can continue to live, and when we hear the word nest most of us think to a starting point, to a place of origin, to safety, family, community. Crafts reflect the way in which our values are passed on, and the yard represents the place where these paths meet, the point where our story culminates.

To choose values that are carefully selected for passing on, we have sought out people with whom we share a common goal and who also want to be part of this community. Those who consider it is important to explore and pass on our national heritage in a professional manner. It was a point of common interest for us to promote traditional folk crafts and to pass on this knowledge to children, which in our small „nest” they would absorb as if they were living in a home environment, as it would not consist of a demonstration solely, but we would choose a work process that is the most convenient learning method for small children, experimenting.

For children the various artistic branches can be useful tools for experiencing the feelings within their heart, which is why the children love it so much to actively engage in the crafts activities. In this yard they are offered this possibility, because they can choose from different activities in they can partake in, for example painting traditional folk motifs on small pieces of furniture, dressing ragdolls in traditional folk costumes, ie sewing traditional folk costumes, and baking chimney cakes, from kneading, wrapping, to the baking and flavouring of the chimney cake.

At the „Sasfészek (Eagle Nest) Craft Yard” the activities take place at several work stations. These include furniture painting, folk costume sewing, chimney cake baking, with the children being able to choose the order they want to try out the workshops presenting and practicing the tradition folk crafts, after their arrival.